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All Things Horror


“Bag Boy Lover Boy [...] is beautifully shot, expertly paced, with some of the best performances of the festival, most atmospheric score.”

Next Projection


“'Barbara De Biasi brings to the film an alluring quality of cosmic presence. [...] the elegant melancholy of De Biasi's celli beautifully locates these characters as clearly emotionally as physically.”

Japan Cinema


“With beautiful cinematography, and perfectly matched musical score, there is no doubt you will be overwhelmed with nostalgia.”



“In general, the film triumphs because of its superb technical components with a special mention to the musical scoring.”



“Need matchless music? Her musical uniqueness is well-preserved in the diversity of her tracks [...] Barbara has it all covered in her music.”

One Stop Arts


“De Biasi's part was emotive and it suited the moving film very well [...] an effective amplification of the story.”

Andrés Torres


“Barbara's score hung a haunting and whimsical backdrop for Bag Boy Lover Boy. She completely understood the aesthetic and the humor and was an essential part to making a complete film.”

Juliana Chen


“She perfectly captured the magical essence of my animation right off the bat, and was a delight to work with. I absolutely recommend her if you’re looking for a composer!”


I love playing with notes and instruments, I grew up caressing piano keys and 

creating storms with the orchestra. 


Bringing melodies into existence is what I love doing, exploring new lands each day, 

making magic with music.

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