Composer Reel - Film

White Briar Rose 

Red Bull

Playing Silk - composed for Red Bull and part of a series of music tracks


Directed by Achim Lippoth - Music by Barbara. Credit as 'Slancio Music' (Barbara's new music production house)

Music for The Last Witch Hunter's promotional short film


Barbara composed the music for the promotional short film for The Last Witch Hunter, directed by Breck Eisner, with Vin Diesel, Michael Caine, and Elijah Wood. Animated by the incredible Meredith Nolan. The narration is by Michael Caine.


Directed by Director and Comedian Jackie Singer, Music by Barbara De Biasi

Composer Reel - Animation

- Waves -


Waves, directed by Don Gerardo Frasco, is a feature film from Waverly Pictures.

                         - Rebirth -


Rebirth, directed by Nicole Libassi, was an official selection at the Soho Film Festival, the New York Independent Film Festival, the Crown Heights Film Festival and the Big Apple Film Festival.

                      - Skeleton Key -


Skeleton Key just won the Outstanding Achievement Award in Traditional Animation for Production Design, at the Dusty Film & Animation Festival in New York.


Skeleton Key is Meredith Nolan's thesis film at the School of Visual Arts (New York).

                      - The Boxer -


The Boxer, directed by Meredith Nolan, is the Red Rock Film Festival Award Winner in the Short-Short Film category. It is also an official selection at Love your Short, the Fresh Takes, the DC Shorts Film Festival, the White Sands International film festival.

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